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Remote Management of Infrastructure

Updated firmware across locations without manual intervention


  • The client was facing difficulties in managing firmware updates to their Condor devices spread across global locations.
  • They needed to do away with the need for technicians’ physical presence to carry out updates on firmware or to troubleshoot devices.
  • The client required remote monitoring and remote management of the devices using Azure IoT.
  • The client required integration with Apex, Accutrol and SpringBoard kind of IoT devices used in their in swimming pools, spas, dishwashers, etc.



  • Helped the client in setting up a Microsoft Azure IoT hub.
  • IoT hub registers every device using the IPV4 address of the device and provides a unique key to each device.
  • Built a web interface using MVC core target version 4.5.2 to be used for remote monitoring and upgrading of the device firmware.
  • Technologies used: Azure IoT Hub, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Document DB, Azure App Services, Azure Device Explorer and Xunit for testing.

Tools & Technologies

Microsoft Azure

Key benefits

  • The remote management of Condor devices saves the client a considerable amount of time and money spent on in-person management of devices
  • Remote monitoring and real-time reporting ensured that device downtimes are considerably reduced, thereby ensuring business continuity.
  • The solution was implemented in a short time frame using an Agile methodology to stabilize the solution before winter.
Key Benefits - Remote Management of Infrastructure - Energy & Utilities