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Cloud Enablement

Adopt a cloud-first approach with our time-tested, risk-free methodologies for exceptional business agility

Drive Business agility with cloud Native applications

Leverage Cloud transformation to accelerate and empower your business to gain a competitive standing

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Cloud Strategy to Minimise Processing Time

Implemented an automated solution for resource configuration, deployment, and scheduling

“Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing “

– Paul Maritz

The advent of the cloud has democratized computing by opening up opportunities to set up enterprise-class services, even for individuals and small businesses. Cloud computing offers access to data and applications from anywhere with internet connectivity and slashes IT infrastructural costs tremendously.

Our Offerings

Whether you are beginning to or have already started your cloud journey, a vendor-agnostic partner can accelerate your company’s cloud transformation and empower your business to stay ahead of the competition. Explore our cloud offerings.

Cloud Strategy
Cloud Strategy
App Refactorization
App Refactorization
Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration
Cloud Development
Cloud Development
Cloud Monitoring
Cloud Monitoring
Cloud Strategy

Cloud Strategy

A robust cloud strategy tailored to your business objectives can be the difference between creating a sustainable competitive edge in a fast-paced digital world and risking wasted investment.

Our hyper-focused cloud consulting services accelerate digital transformation with effective:

  • Cloud Vision: We assess the cloud maturity and readiness of your current application and infrastructure portfolio, and align them with your core business objectives to design a viable way forward to cloud.
  • Cloud Value Assessment: We determine the costs and business benefits of the various stages of your cloud journey based on reference architectures and optimal technology standard prerequisites.
  • Cloud Roadmap: We make suitable technology (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) selections, and plot your journey to the desired end-state.
  • Cloud Transformation Plan: We examine the required capabilities matrix in addition to the related organizational changes and skills needed to derive maximum value from cloud, and design an ideal cloud strategy for your unique business needs.

App Refactorization

Moving IT infrastructure and applications into cloud poses essential questions for businesses about the performance of their existing software in the new environment. Software refactoring for cloud, essentially, is making your applications cloud-ready to ensure a seamless migration.

Why Refactor Apps

The transformation of outmoded, off-cloud legacy applications into modern, cloud-native applications through refactoring enables prompt deployment of new IT functionalities in addition to aiding:

  • Code Portability for the Existing Codebase
  • Optimal Use of Cloud-native Features
  • Maximized Operational-efficiency in the Cloud
  • Continuous Innovation Using DevOps and Containerization

What We Do

At ACS Solutions, we take a deep dive into your digital ecosystem, infrastructure and application workload, and offer relevant comprehensive code refactoring services including:

  • Application Re-hosting
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Application Re-engineering
  • Application Refactoring and Re-platforming
App Refactorization
Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

We drive faster time-to-value with our near-zero risk cloud migration offerings. Leveraging a suite of industry-proven approach, tools, and accelerators, we align your cloud ambitions with seamless result-oriented digital transformations.

Our cloud migration services include:

  • Infrastructure Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Platform Migration
  • Application Migration

Drive business agility and reduce operational costs with on-premise to cloud migration of your IT infra assets. Take an accurate, predictable, and accelerated route for complex migration needs.

Cloud Development

Our Agile cloud development services allow enterprises to build and deploy future-secure cloud-enabled applications quickly faster than ever. Attain improved scalability by leveraging our microservices, DevOps, PaaS, and containerization technologies.

We draw from our deep proficiency in combining the strengths of private, public, and hybrid clouds to engage in both enterprise-level cloud development aimed to accelerate your digital transformation journey and specialized cloud deployments that aid specific business objectives. The result – effective cloud-native applications that are platform-agnostic, robust, resilient, and secure.

Cloud Development
Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring

Early detection of anomalies, atypical patterns and issues in your cloud-based assets can help take proactive measures to improve the reliability and performance of your cloud infrastructure. Consistent monitoring helps reduce the manual work dedicated to ensuring that the application is running as expected and making your MTTR more efficient. Our systematic cloud monitoring capabilities include:

  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Database Monitoring

Our team of cloud experts works collaboratively, standardize artifacts, optimize performance, and increase availability.


In a time, when continuous evolution is the only way to stay ahead of the curve, DevOps can bring in immense value by streamlining IT through synergizing your business, development and operation processes.

Your entire delivery pipeline can benefit from embracing a well-suited DevOps approach. It can not only improve your deployment frequency for a faster time to market, but also lower the rate of failure of new releases, and reduce the lead time between fixes, thereby accelerating your time to recovery.

As a digital-first organization, we offer valuable differentiators to help your organization derive maximum results from your digital assets. DevOps can help make simple processes dynamic and help in maximizing operational efficiency and predictability, while improving security. Our DevOps services and solutions include:

  • DevOps Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Configuration Management
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Continuous Integration, Automation & Monitoring
  • Containerization & Container Orchestration
Internet of Things

Internet of Things

IoT is connecting everything and everyone a little more conveniently and faster with each passing day. As an enterprise, unlocking and leveraging the full potential of Internet of Things requires deep understanding of the opportunities and aligning them well with your goals.

Our extensive field-knowledge allows us to tailor IoT-powered solutions that can empower you to:

  • Efficiently connect and scale with ease.
  • Analyze new data strategically to create actionable business insights.
  • Make intelligent data-backed smart decisions.
  • Integrate and transform business processes.
  • Design, build, deploy and manage end-to-end IoT-backed processes.

Whether you are looking to dive into a brand new infrastructure or want IoT seamlessly integrated into your existing enterprise architecture, we can help. Serving both smart industries and enterprises, we offer:

  • IoT Consultation
  • IoT Solution Development
  • IoT Product Development
  • Vertical Applications
  • IT / OT Convergence
  • End-to-End System Integration
  • Real-Time Processing and Analytics

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Our Differentiators

Leverage our tools, capabilities, and unparalleled experience across cloud platforms and technologies. Allow us to handle the complexities of cloud migration and help you rapidly achieve better business outcomes.

Cloud Enablement - Strategic Partner - ACS Solutions
  • Dedicated CoE – An Elite Team of 500+ Trained Cloud Experts 
  • Certified AWS & Azure Cloud Consultants 
  • Our Expertise in Cloud Engagements & Migration Projects for Leading Global Enterprises 
  • Reusable Assets & Reference Architecture Libraries 
  • Full Range of Consulting, Development, Migration, Automation, Monitoring, and Integration Services 


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