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Data Migration from On-Premise to Azure

Migrated available data on client's server to Azure

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The Life Sciences industry is witnessing extensive transformation in today’s patient-centric and value-based healthcare environment. Convergence with other healthcare sectors has, thus, become an inevitable focal point. Synchronization and seamless data flow within the entire healthcare ecosystem consisting of pharma and biotechnology companies, payers, providers, and other patient-focused intermediaries is the ideal future-state.

For over 20 years, ACS Solutions has partnered with global life sciences organizations to leverage cutting-edge technology creatively and meaningfully. We offer transformative end-to-end services to the life sciences industry, including IoT, digital, analytics, applications, and cloud services.

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Data Management

Advanced data management infrastructure to gather, store, monitor and analyze relevant data

Custom software on latest technology
Data Integration

Facilitate research and aid business decisions with access to EHR-integrated data from a range of sources

Lower costs through expert skill-based offshoring
Regulatory Compliance

All necessary health regulations compliant population health management systems

Advanced analytics
Faster Processes

Custom state-of-the-art software for faster and more productive data collection and analysis processes.

Integrate data and predict risks
High Patient Activation

Predict risks and boost patient engagement for better sample collection at various stages of a disease/trial  

Boost productivity
High Interoperability

Highly interoperable systems that enable a smooth flow of data and accessibility between various healthcare segments

Innovation Empowering Patient-centric Life Sciences Practices

Life sciences organizations face numerous challenges in their efforts to stay patient-focused. New drugs have to go to market quickly and cost-efficiently while using well-organized and secure supply chains. Devices must be modernized, connected, secured, and continually upgraded to meet changing demands, and compliances.

At ACS Solutions, we enable life science businesses to optimize their existing processes and manage data and documentation better to bring new life-saving remedies to market faster.

How can we help?

  • Clinical Data Management Strategy & Analytics 
  • Cloud Migration
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digitization as a Service
  • E-clinical Application & Platform Development 
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Process Automation & Optimization
  • TMF Automation & eTMF Migration
  • Blockchain-protected Medical and Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

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