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Product Engineering

Build future-proof software products with innovative engineering solutions

Built an AI Fashion Stylist for Better Customer Engagement

Application recommends instantaneously and increased the productivity of stylists by 3-5x

DevOps Pipeline Implementation to Enable Microservices Architecture

Developers can now easily test & merge code into GitHub, with minimal manual effort

Machine Learning Analytics

Implemented machine learning analytics to improve the results accuracy and increase conversion rates

Implementation of Scrum Delivery Methodology

Savings in engineering expenditure due to reduction in rework

Customers do not care about the underlying technology. They only care about how effectively their problem was addressed and solved. That is why we design our products by placing the customer at the center of the digital business model. Smart devices and ease of scaling have enabled businesses to engage with their customers like never. Innovation and expertise in business transformation are now the key metrics determining the success of companies in the future.



White Paper

Digital Applications in 202x


Flutter – An Evolution from Cross-platform to Multi-platform App Development


3 Challenging Microservices Transaction Management Scenarios – How to Overcome Them


Empowering Digital Product Teams With Agile Pods


Accelerate time-to-market with increased agility, stronger collaboration, and more time to focus on business and customer needs. Our services span the product lifecycle – from concept to architecture, development, test, and support. We also excel at product re-engineering. Our engineers can take full responsibility for the lifecycle or contribute in one or more phases while helping you reduce the cost of product innovation, launch, and portfolio maintenance.

Microsoft Gold Partner in application development

Superior quality of engineering

Agile and faster development cycles

Reduced total-cost-of-ownership

Increased performance, security, and scalability

Outcome-focused partnership

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