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Smarter applications for smart factories

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Sybase to Oracle Migration Using SOM Accelerator

SOM Accelerator reduced the manual efforts by 60-75% as compared to traditional methods.

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The manufacturing industry is changing rapidly and growing at an exponential rate. Earlier, the manufacturers hinged on painstaking hours of design, blueprinting and working with individuals to create a final product. But with growing customer expectations and constant technological innovation, there is a need to innovate and fasten the product development cycle. Constant disruptions, increasing pricing pressures, ever-changing input costs, intense competition and continuous innovations have forced all the manufacturers to rethink their business models and long-term growth plans. It has become necessary to create a competitive advantage throughout the product life cycle.

ACS Solutions helps manufacturers like you in improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience, maximizing production up-time, increasing real-time visibility and accelerating business digitalization.

IoT, Cloud & Automation are driving innovation like never before. Are you ready for Industry 4.0?

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Get the advantage of ACS Solutions core technological strengths to power your business and race ahead of your competition

Increase your production, drive scalability and guarantee satisfaction

Increase your production, drive scalability and guarantee satisfaction

Integration services

Improve efficiencies, streamline processes, provide customers with a virtual product experience through digital design, simulation and integration services

Predictive analytics services

Increase quality of products using the predictive analytics services

Advanced cloud services

Reduce costs, improve quality control, shorten production time through our advanced cloud services

Implementing IoT solutions

Enable a new level of connectivity and intelligence for operators of factories, plants, supply chains and fleets by implementing cutting-edge IoT solutions

Integration services

Improve productivity through digital design, simulation and integration services

Unleash Innovation Across the Value Stream
The automotive industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. The profit centers for the Automotive OEMs are shifting to the emerging markets. There is a need to address the key challenges including increasing product complexity and strict environment and safety regulations in order to stay competitive and profitable. Constantly changing consumer preferences, customers influencing digital technologies, latest digital retail formats and the evolving role of dealers are the key game-changers for the industry. Meeting these demands is a particular challenge for the industry. ACS Solutions technology services help you improve your business efficiency, reduce costs, improve product quality, streamline the supply chain, improve sales processes and build long-lasting customer relationships.

How can we help?

  • Development of embedded software solutions for in-vehicle electronics
  • Design and implementation of data analytics solutions to accelerate the product development cycle
  • Integration of backend enterprise systems with other business applications such as warehouse management and transportation management systems
  • Customized applications targeted at new-age customers to enhance their digital automotive experience using IoT and advanced analytics

The nature of industrial manufacturing has been drastically changing due to global supply chains, localized products, and virtualized product development. High demand for customized products and services, strict regulatory requirements and standardization are the main drivers of this industry. The increasing costs of raw material and rapid technology transformation are forcing the manufacturers to adopt best-in-class technology practices for continuous improvement in the quality of products and services. It has also become necessary to be in sync with your customer’s requirements.

ACS Solutions uses makes the best use of IoT and data analytics to improve your engagements, reduce costs and improve productivity and ensure that the business benefits are aplenty.

How can we help?

  • Leverage digital technologies across IoT adoption, wireless connectivity, cloud-based infrastructure, and analytics to transform your products into smart and connected offerings
  • Implement ERP and SCM solutions to execute transformation roadmaps for streamlining your business processes
  • Extend your product development capability through our customized embedded software solutions
  • Implement shop floor analytics and reporting solutions to make industrial manufacturing more intelligent, responsive and efficient

The reform-driven shift to outcome-focused, value-based payment and reimbursement systems continues to have a deep impact on life sciences companies. The pricing & cost pressures along with the ever-changing regulatory environment are pushing them to optimize costs and pursue operational excellence across the organization.

How can we help?

  • Achieve cost efficiencies through yield management, supply chain optimization, and global sourcing solutions
  • Cutting edge technology services in batch and recipe optimization, plant performance management and key account management
  • Improve your asset utilization, reduce MRO cost, streamline sourcing and procurement through real-time monitoring and tracking
  • Design and implement a customized talent management solution to empower your workforce
  • Connect disparate manufacturing operations with your supply chain through our advanced manufacturing and engineering analytics services.

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