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FHIR-Complaint Clinical Registry Platform

Improved productivity of human abstractors deriving from notes

Advanced Analytics Platform to Detect Post-op Complications

Early and accurate detection of complications during post-operative care for improved surgical outcomes


In recent years, change has greatly accelerated in the Provider world. Value-based care continues to gain traction and Providers participating in alternative payment models performed better than their fee-for-service counterparts. Interoperability, data accessibility, and transparency are becoming a necessity not only for regulatory compliances but also to improve patient experience in managing their health data. To reduce operational cost, Provider’s existing transactional core systems need to be automated and be integrated with a flexible data layer to ensure Provider spends more time with patients instead of managing their systems. Overall, a Provider of tomorrow will use technology to differentiate in the market.

At ACS Solutions, we ask ourselves, how can we build, evolve and leverage our capabilities to help alleviate some of these problems? We believe future-looking technology – specifically the advancements in cloud, AI, AR/VR as well as business optimization (Intelligent Automation) and collaboration tools – will play a pivotal role in the transformation of healthcare provider services in the coming years.

ACS Solutions’ HealthcareNexT is a program that brings together the spirit of innovation, industry expertise, and intelligent technology solutions to design efficient, effective and empowered healthcare value-chains.


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Importance of Telehealth in the Post-COVID Era

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Understanding how COVID-19 is Accelerating Digital Transformations
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Hospitals, physician practices, health systems, and healthcare organizations are facing progressively complex revenue cycles involving government agencies, private payers, and patients in the collection system. ACS Solutions offers advanced revenue cycle management solutions to help providers simplify this critical business facet.

We help minimize time-consuming and tedious manual interventions from your RCM processes to ensure operational excellence, reduced cost, and improved revenue.

The traditional paper prescriptions are increasingly becoming obsolete in today’s dynamic healthcare environment. They resource-intensive to copy, share, store, and maintain and analyze. At ACS Solutions, we build robust EHR/EMR systems and design practical solutions around them.

Our HIPAA-compliant EHR offerings focus on enhancing clinical productivity, improving accuracy, and protecting reimbursement, and drive better operational, financial, and patient health outcomes.

Digitization has transformed healthcare management and the interim capabilities of healthcare providers. However, the initial wave of information systems used within various healthcare organizations was independently developed. This resulted in dissimilar, and usually incompatible, representation models, tools, and processes dealing with patient data.

To overcome this challenge, ACS Solutions offers HIPAA and other health regulatory laws compliant healthcare interoperability solutions. Our offerings enable seamless sharing of data that can be easily accessed and used universally with EHR interoperability and EMR interoperability solutions.

The cost-of-care analysis in the healthcare industry has significantly moved towards value-based systems. This means that healthcare providers today need robust population health management solutions that can also meet the needs of Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), and other collaborative care settings.

ACS Solutions offers custom population health management services and solutions that can enhance treatment, improve care workflows, engage patients, and tackle daily operational challenges. We specialize in helping healthcare providers create a cohesive care delivery system.

The advancements of science and technology have helped improve the quality and longevity of human life. This has resulted in a rapidly growing number of healthcare consumers in the past few decades, putting tremendous pressure on healthcare practices across the value chain. The longstanding traditional systems are no longer sufficient for the booming needs of the healthcare industry.

Our digital strategies leverage IoT, Digital, and SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) technologies to build highly scalable Connected Digital Health Platforms. These platforms enable our partners to enhance patient/provider connectivity as well as grow brand value and market share.

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