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Maximize member enrollment and retention though insight-driven process

Medicare Risk Adjustment & Plan Rating Solution

Reduced manual efforts by 20% & dramatically improved reporting accuracy

Automated Hospice Claim Identification & Medicaid Record Management

Developed bots to reduce person-hours spent on claims processing by 20%


In recent years, change has greatly accelerated in the digital healthcare Payers world. Members are asking for personalized and outcome based services. Interoperability, data accessibility and transparency are becoming a necessity not only for regulatory compliances but also to improve enrolment process. To reduce operational cost, Payer’s existing transactional core systems need to be automated and integrated with a flexible data layer to enhance patient health, prevent unnecessarily costly treatments, or both. Overall, a Payer of tomorrow, will use technology to differentiate in the market.

At ACS Solutions, we ask ourselves, how can we build, evolve and leverage our capabilities to help alleviate some of these problems? We believe future-looking technology – specifically the advancements in cloud, AI, ecosystem plays as well as business optimization (Intelligent Automation) and collaboration tools – will play a pivotal role in the transformation of Payers services in the coming years.

ACS Solutions’ HealthcareNexT is a program that brings together the spirit of innovation, industry expertise and intelligent technology solutions to engineer an efficient, effective, and empowered healthcare value-chain.


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Importance of Telehealth in the Post-COVID Era

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Understanding how COVID-19 is Accelerating Digital Transformations
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Navigate your digital journey with our innovative technologies that empower your business


The conventional reimbursement models in the healthcare industry are fast-evolving to value-based models. The focus is on ensuring mutually beneficial healthcare cost management solutions.

ACS Solutions is at the forefront of designing and implementing cost reduction and containment solutions. We help healthcare payers reduce overutilization and quickly identify areas where healthcare spending can be minimized. All of this, while staying compliant and enhancing transparency.

Robust digital health ecosystems help deliver quality despite the fast-changing and growing demands of the industry. These ecosystems empower payers to optimize their healthcare delivery by utilizing previously unavailable information to develop more meaningful offerings.

At ACS Solutions, we help global payer organizations across the board drive member enrollments and improve customer experience through a range of offerings.

Today, healthcare payers need a back-office that can seamlessly power their front office. We work with payer organizations to develop intelligent operations. These specific technology frameworks are designed to identify and address gaps in capabilities and processes quickly.

At ACS Solutions, we combine the power of state-of-the-art technology architecture, agile workforce, intelligent automation, and advanced analytics to drive exceptional business results.

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