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Cloud Strategy to Minimise Processing Time

Implemented an automated solution for resource configuration, deployment, and scheduling

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The media and entertainment industry is in a great need to address the drastic shifts in technology, demographic preferences, and ubiquity of mobile devices. The way we consume news and entertainment has dramatically changed over the last decade creating challenges as well as opportunities for broadcasters. With consumers in the driver’s seat, the traditional business models are taking a back seat and in response to that, content providers and advertisers are looking for innovative ways to reach customers.

Not only this, the expansion of distribution to OTT services offering advertising-free content is putting tremendous pressure on the margins of many traditional home entertainment companies. In order to address all these challenges, ACS Solutions offers you a broad range of services to reduce your cost, streamline your operations, increase your customer reach, and monetize your content keeping pace with the changing customer behavior.

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Application management costs by adopting cloud

Optimize your application management costs by adopting cloud

Advertising platform

Bespoke advertising platform to allow the advertisers to articulate your brand story

Mobile offerings

Implement seamless mobile offerings for your viewers

Customer Retention

Manage customer retention and rewards through analytics-based loyalty management system 

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Advanced analytics and reporting services such as churn analysis and dynamic business reporting

Advertise on Multiple Screens

Advertize on multiple screens  

Unleash Innovation Across the Value Stream

In this dynamic environment, the Advertising industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation and is facing numerous challenges. The access to multiple screens, time-shifting TV ads, decline in print circulations, rise of mobile broadband and proactive customer behavior have made it challenging for advertising agencies to maintain brand consistencies on multiple digital assets. Agencies are now required to streamline their operations and business processes in order to meet clients’ demand for better business insights.

ACS Solutions offers a range of services to advertising agencies like you designed to suit your unique business needs.

How can we help?

  • Implement predictive behavior models to have a single view of Customer Consolidation between the various points of contact
  • Provide a consistent multi-screen user experience through personalized recommendation engines
  • Optimize your ad sales through by implementing a real-time ad inventory management system
  • Direct marketing services including Lead Management, Online Coupon Management, Search Engine Marketing, Viral Search Marketing services, and fulfillment
  • Generate relevant business insights using our Reporting and Analytics services including Campaign Performance Analytics, Web Analytics, and Social Media Analytics

Emerging digital technologies are one of the major defining factors that are changing the face of the print and publishing industry. The proliferation of devices need of multiple format compatibility, rising competition from self-publication platforms and e-distribution, contextualized content and subscription-based services are the key challenges of the industry that requires to be addressed.

ACS Solutions, with its extensive expertise in the Print and Publishing world, offers you insights that you require to succeed in today’s dynamic landscape. We help the leading newspapers, magazines, books, and journal publishers in reinventing their subscription models, effectively leveraging user demographics and behavior and delivering more targeted e-publications.

How can we help?

  • Customer Data Management through advanced customer analytics and predictive behavior models
  • Design and implementation of real-time content delivery engines
  • Infrastructure management, cloud enablement, migration and support services for efficient supply chain integration
  • Enhance user experience through real-time content updates, notifications and semantic content network
  • Improve retention rates and enable cross and up-sell opportunities through a combination of subscription and customer relationship management
  • Design and implementation of customized mobile apps as the engine for new revenue opportunities
  • Leverage the use of advanced data analytics to manage the information on growing social media channels

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