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Digital Process Automation

Activate your virtual workforce to automate data-intensive, time-consuming, repetitive processes to reduce operating expense and enhance productivity

Case study

Deployment Automation

Implemented CI/CD pipeline to deploy the services to Kubernetes

Organizations are streamlining data-intensive, time-consuming, repetitive processes using automation. Robotics Process Automation, Cognitive Computing, and Artificial Intelligence are innovating intelligent software system deployment. We enable organizations to build innovative automated solutions for front office, back office, and support functions.

Our Approach

Digital Process Automation Approach - ACS Solutions

Our Offerings

We provide end-to-end opensource solutions that align with cloud solutions for better security, improved productivity, and increased customer retention.

Desktop Automation
Desktop Automation
Enterprise Automation
Enterprise Automation
Desktop Automation

Desktop Automation

ACS Solutions desktop automation offering improves accuracy and consistency of IT processes while saving time and cost. We achieve this by automating repetitive and routine IT tasks to reduce downtime and improve incident management processes. Automating repetitive control activities ensure that controls are consistent across systems for easier audits.

Through Automation, repetitive tasks are completed quicker, more accurately, and tirelessly as compared to humans. Robots can capture and interpret IT applications to enable transaction processing, data manipulation, and communication across multiple systems. This ‘virtual work-force’ improves the efficiency and effectiveness of operations while providing substantial financial benefits by freeing up humans to do other high value tasks that require emotional intelligence, reasoning, judgment, and interaction with the customers. 

Our desktop automation services can cover: 

  • Spreadsheets
  • Word documents
  • PDFs
  • Emails
  • Data and Analytical tools

    Enterprise Automation

    Enable your business to grow and enhance customer service without leveraging any additional resources. Through our automation readiness assessments and end-to-end roadmaps, we provide custom enterprise process automation solutions that are tailored to meet your needs.Our offerings in enterprise automation include the following:
    • Workflow and Rules
    • Imaging
    • Digital Channels
    • Analytics/Reporting
    • Collaboration Tools
    Enterprise Automation


    We provide solutions for private cloud release automation and support release of automation tools abstracted from multiple infrastructure services. We deliver and manage a wide range of multi-vendor, multi-cloud applications, infrastructure, and custom services. Our policy-based governance assures that users receive the right size resources for the task that needs to be performed across the service lifecycle. A flexible automation approach provides agility in deploying new IT services while leveraging existing investments by mapping into the current infrastructure, processes, and environments.

    Our offerings in Cloud automation include the following:

    • Third-party Capabilities
    • Industry Utilities
    • Internet/Intranet Capabilities
    • Data Storage

    Our Differentiators

    With state-of-the-art Robotic Process Automation (RPA), ACS Solutions significantly reduces the burden of recurring decision-making tasks and frees human creativity for strategic roles

    Digital Process Automation - Strategic Partner - ACS Solutions

    Our key differentiators are:

    • Dedicated RPA CoE – an elite team of requirement analysts, senior developers equipped with RPA process and technology skills
    • Expertise across a broad spectrum of RPA technologies and tool vendors ( UiPath , KOFAX , Automation Anywhere, BluePrism)
    • 5-step transformation methodology to fast-track digitization, standardization, and simplification of upstream and downstream processes
    • 10+ support function processes automation experience
    • Successful implementation across 500+ FTE with best practices
    • Global delivery and flexible engagement models that guarantee faster implementation and cost-effective solutions

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