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Build – Operate – Transfer

Advanced Development Center

Minimal Investment

Seamless Operations

ACS Solutions Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model delivers an accelerated, low-risk, and proven method to kick start new operations in any location. Our proven plug-and-play program helps to set up a new development center that integrates with your current operations without a steep initial investment


Derive incomparable business value by leveraging a unique delivery model. Partner with us if you are looking to:

Digitally transform

Digitally transform and automate your existing technology model or business operations in a cost-effective manner


Establish operations in new geographies with a talented and dedicated team with minimal capital investment while getting full transparency on cost management


Build a development center with shared control and partner in the growth and success of the center.


Optimize and mature the outcomes from these centers (business knowledge, engineering, support, or site operations).


Retain the intellectual capital (people with your company-specific business and technology experience) and transfer the center/assets at no cost upon agreed timelines.

Benefits of BOT

Establishing development centers, especially in locations your business does not have any presence is a complicated process. Typically, it would primarily include complex cost management, designing the technology infrastructure, locating and securing suitably skilled resources, and ensuring all the necessary compliances and controls in place.

ACS Solutions Build-Operate-Transfer model is purpose-designed to solve these issues. Added benefits include:

  • State-of-the-art Development/Captive Centers
  • Service Level Enhancement Through Continuous Improvement
  • Cost Reduction Through Cost Optimization
  • Engineering Process Transformation
  • Extension of Teams with Strategic Goals and Suitably Aligned Objectives
  • Adaptation to Evolving Delivery Models and Development Cycles
  • Better Control and Visibility of Operations

Want to establish fully compliant development centers with no/minimal capital investment?

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