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ACS Foundation

ACS Foundation

May 21, 2021

by ACS Solutions


ACS Foundation Montage

A sneak peek into the purpose and mission of the ACS Foundation and causes we support locally and internationally.

ACS Foundation & New Seasons Church

Along with SEWA International, the ACS Foundation traveled to Albany, Georgia, to give COVID-Relief resources to those most impacted by the pandemic.

ACS Foundation Laptop Giveaway

Partnering with charitable foundations globally, ACS has donated food, medical supplies, and laptops to those in need worldwide.

ACS Foundation & TGITech

ACS adopted Teen Girls in Technology (TGITech) from the YWCA and has provided over $130k in scholarships to high school students.

ACS Foundation & COVID Relief

In 2020, the ACS Foundation and its volunteers provided supplies to a city in Atlanta that was devasted by an outbreak of COVID-19 cases

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