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ACS Solutions Celebrates Women History Month with a Webinar on “HerStory: Break the Barrier.”

April 6, 2022

by ACS Solutions

Everyone has a story where it may include challenges and opportunities that propel them forward or inhibit their progress.

On Wednesday, March 30, 2022, ACS Solutions hosted an engaging webinar titled “HerStory: Break the Barrier” to celebrate Women’s History Month. The webinar featured female thought leaders across the business spectrum who excel in their respective organizations’ inspiring change while overcoming barriers. The objective of the webinar was to encourage women to embrace their dreams, overcome roadblocks, and celebrate their diverse voices. ACS Solutions is committed and believes in ensuring diversity and inclusion in the workplace and the communities that we serve.

The insightful and informative webinar featured distinguished panelists which include Nita Sardana, VP of Community Outreach & Corporate Giving, ACS Solutions, Karen Sterk, CEO, Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund, Kenetha Dawkins, Senior Director IT Recruiting, ACS Solutions, Shivani Sardana Vohra, VP of Finance & Operations, ACS Solutions, Monique S Patrick COO, CDC Foundation and Divya Behl, VP of Program Management Office, Woodward. ACS welcomed panelists who represented various community and corporate leaders as they shared their stories.

The inspirational leaders brought along with them a wealth of life experiences. During the event, we heard each speaker’s unique and inspiring stories which led us to acknowledge the fact that the combined voices of all women are immensely powerful.

During the webinar, the speakers answered pertinent questions which revolved around the challenges and opportunities of leading geographically dispersed teams, universal barriers that inhibit women from attaining social and economic parity, as well as what led them to overcome bias and barriers.

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