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Announcing an Intelligence Automation Framework to Enable Enterprise Transformation, Automation, and Optimization

May 14, 2019

by ACS Solutions

ACS Solutions now offers a suite of services and solutions that empower Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) to build intelligence upon intelligence for enterprises.

ACS Solutions, a provider of innovative business technology transformation solutions, has advanced Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) with the introduction of their Intelligent Data Science Platform (iDSp). iDSp leverages automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence to help organizations achieve business outcomes faster and with minimal risk. iDSp enables MLaaS to couple machines with, not versus, humans. With iDSp, enterprises can efficiently optimize their operations – increasing revenue by decreasing cost through digitization, improved decision support, and self-service enablement solutions.

ACS Solutions helps enterprises climb the automation maturity curve in a measured, predictable, and strategic manner. Their extensive suite of automation consulting offerings include cognitive, ML, AI, application transformation, Agile, and DevOps solutions.

By formalizing its Intelligence Automation framework, ACS Solutions is focusing its AI efforts into a simple-to-use, holistic, enterprise-ready platform approach. The efficiency of these efforts is demonstrated across a wide range of AI use cases, with increasing ROIs tied to the enterprise’s automation, transformation, and digitization maturity.

The iDSp accelerates intelligence automation by providing simplified tools to manage the Machine Learning lifecycle of ingest-train-deploy-serve-monitor. It includes a catalog of connectors to various data sources, feature and model engineering, and serves pre-built models and solutions allowing collaborative streams of reusable data analytic and cognitive services.

iDSp enables business teams to provide better digital experiences, to gain AI-driven insights for decision support, and to provide (self-)service solutions. For development teams, iDSp accelerates process digitization and the creation and management of streams of cognitive models. Key modules of iDSp include chatbots, sentiment analysis, anomaly detection, predictions, data curation, image annotation and segmentation, text analytics, and re-trainable systems.

Below are a few examples of how enterprises are leveraging iDSp’s automation capabilities to drive business change.

Driving Customer Engagement

  • AI capabilities to deploy AI-augmented product recommendations to enhance customer engagement and increase revenue streams.
  • AI-enabled chatbots and intelligent agents for driving efficiency in customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • AI-powered marketing technologies for customer targeting, rule and segment discovery, personalized product recommendations, and campaign tailoring and optimization.
  • Predictions to perform churn and “what-if” analyses to predict potential to lose a customer, based on market changes.

Increasing Business Automation

AI-driven smart automated processes to streamline repetitive business processes, including AI algorithms, managed business tasks, requiring complex decision-making and analysis.

Implementing Smart IT Operations:

  • Detect anomalies in near real-time from data originating from various layers of a technology stack to prevent potential outages and disruptions to infrastructure.
  • Predictive scaling solutions in which infrastructure intelligently adjusts, based on historical data, and then learns to reconfigure itself based on current and anticipated utilization patterns.

Innova’s automation offerings drive end-to-end digital transformation with next-generation cognitive and AI-based solutions. To learn more about how it can bring business value for your organization, contact us to schedule a working prototype.