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ACS Solutions celebrates Black history month with a webinar on “Empowering the Dream: Bridging the digital divide”

February 25, 2022

by ACS Solutions

On February 23rd, at 11 AM EST, ACS Solutions hosted a special webcast “Empowering the Dream: Bridging the Digital Divide". The key speakers included our VP Community Outreach & Corporate Giving, Mrs. Nita Sardana, Richard Hicks, CEO & President at Inspiredu Atlanta, & Sharmen Gowens, CEO at YWCA of Greater Atlanta. This webcast was a part of our initiative to celebrate Black History Month.

The session revolved around a conversation with the three C-suite individuals on how they are helping millions to achieve their American Dream. Richard mentioned that we must acknowledge that equitable access to technology & training is lacking. We’ve had technological advancements in the world but there is a lag in ensuring that the community moves along. While there has been a serious effort to bridge this digital divide, we must continue to invest in our community to evolve at the pace of technological change.

Nita has a long-standing history and commitment to serving under-resourced communities. In the webcast, she shared her perspectives on how the ACS Foundation is contributing to lessening the divide between the have’s and the have nots where research reveals that only 23% of the lower-income households have access to technology. Nita highlighted that for many in the rural and urban areas access to basic services is beyond their reach. The ACS foundation bridges the divide by providing the much-needed operations capital to its network of community partners.

Our third speaker, Sharmen’s work revolves around her passion and commitment to Dr. King’s dream of eliminating racism, empowering women, and ensuring dignity for all. But national statistics indicate that African Americans constitute only 3% of the women in tech. She highlights why for YWCA Atlanta it is important that women of color actively participate in STEAM and gain adequate exposure.

The insights shared by the speakers were valuable and thought-provoking. If you want to learn more about the ACS Foundation and our global initiatives please visit