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Visualization of Scheduled Orders & Resources for Improved Order Management

Visually-appealing and user-friendly UI for more effective task and resource planning


  • A modern alternative to the existing outdated CRM used for basic order and resource management
  • A convenient and user-friendly visualization interface for the client’s customers to view orders and availability of related resources
  • Reduction in manual intervention while checking order progress and printing


  • Provided Gantt charts for visualization of orders and resource availability
  • Added features that enable users to schedule new orders for a printer and assign them to specific users
  • Added drag and drop feature to aid faster rescheduling of tasks
  • Implemented chat feature to allow users to discuss and resolve possible delays, setbacks etc. during the execution of a task

Tools & Technologies

Java, Spring, Spring boot, React

Key benefits

  • Enhanced visual appeal, and consequent user-friendliness, of the order management UI
  • Easy, effective, and time-saving interface
  • Seamless tracking of project status
  • The visible resource availability status in the UI helps floor managers to track and manage performances and tasks better
  • Access to live data from the printer will help in the more effective task and resource planning and help avoid unforeseen backlogs
key benefits of visualization of Scheduled Orders & Resources for Improved Order Management