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Telemedicine App for an Eminent Healthcare Technology Provider

App security features compliant with the requirements of HIPAA


  • Client wanted to venture into telehealth side of the business and develop a new telemedicine app from the ground up. The product was envisioned to satisfy the following customer needs:
    • Enable patients to connect with a provider remotely within minutes. Speed is of the essence
    • Provide an affordable way for patients without health insurance to avail healthcare in the US
    • Provide patient a video conference experience with the provider which is as good as a physical visit to the doctor
    • Make it seamless for providers to see patients virtually and provide notes and prescriptions


  • Developed mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Designed a web portal specifically for providers as many use computers in their office
  • Implemented various features like on-boarding users, creating a profile, choosing a subscription plan, answering preliminary health related questions and getting connected to an eligible provider, choosing for a call back in case of provider unavailability etc
  • Created suitable mechanisms like extensive pre-populated choices to select from while filling consultation notes, ability to view patient information and write notes in the middle of the video call, being able to see the number of patients currently in the queue etc. to enhance ease of use for the providers

Tools & Technologies

Microsoft .NET, AWS, Firebase, Vidyo, Stripe

Key benefits

  • Provided patients with one of the cheapest cost-per-doctor-visit options and contributed towards affordable healthcare
  • Patients in remote locations could avail quality healthcare from the comfort of their homes
  • Reliable and scalable architecture to meet future business needs
  • App security features compliant with the requirements of HIPAA, as well as other national and international healthcare privacy standards
Case Study KeyPoints