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Migrating Sybase Database to Oracle

Sybase to Oracle Migration Using SOM Accelerator

SOM Accelerator reduced the manual efforts by 60-75% as compared to traditional methods.


  • Define the scope of the program after analyzing the existing legacy system, without causing any hindrances to operations.
  • To support the growth and scalability projections and to better align with future state enterprise architecture, needed to migrate the following to Oracle Exadata:
    • Legacy data with iterative loads in different phases of the project for 2000+ tables.
    • Application .NET code and active services including ETL, Reporting related objects for more than 200+ applications.
    • Database objects with 1800+ artefacts.


  • Analyzed the list of applications active in Sybase, identified dependencies, and performed impact analysis.
  • Utilized SOM Accelerator For DB objects and schema conversion which reduced the manual effort by about 60-75%.
  • Analyzed the .NET and VB applications and converted so ensure compatibility with Oracle.
  • Performed integration testing and automated the validation using custom applications and ETL jobs.
  • Utilized SOM accelerator for extraction, transformation, and loading of data from Sybase to Oracle with the added functionalities of notifications, failover and auditing mechanism.
  • Automated validation of data through SSIS Packages. Migrated ~11 TB in 45 hours for 2000+ tables.
  • Migrated DataStage Jobs and WebFOCUS reports from Sybase to Oracle
  • Implemented CI/CD for deployments across various environments and validating the applications.

Tools & Technologies

Sybase, Oracle, IBM DataStage, Python, .NET, VB.NET, WebFOCUS

Key benefits

  • Successfully completed the migration before the open-enrollment period.
  • Post-completion of Sybase to Oracle migration, improved the performance of the applications by 20%.
  • Automated code conversion to successfully reduce manual effort by 60-75%.
  • The SOM accelerator creates developer-friendly manual intervention runs to identify the exact changes and code block for further changes.
  • Enabled developers to easily inspect areas that need manual intervention and modify the code accordingly.
  • Increased the scalability to the core platform to easily integrate with future state architecture changes.
Key benefits for converting Sybase Database to Oracle by using SOM Accelerator