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Serverless Architecture & Deployment Automation

Operational costs came down by ~30% through  Spot instances


  • Handle and consolidate data coming from a variety of sources
  • Implement Microservices for various business functions
  • Automate the entire deployment process to reduce the time to market. Multiple services caused high time to market due to testing effort involved in multiple environments
  • Optimize operational cost of the setup through better utilization of resources on AWS


  • Implemented Lambda functions to transform data coming from multiple sources into the standard format
  • Implemented Microservices and deployed to ECS (Docker Containers)
  • Modified the design to use AWS Spot instances instead of the on-demand EC2 instances for running one of their daily jobs
  • Improved the build and deployment pipeline through Jenkins

Tools & Technologies

AWS, Jenkins, Github, Python, React, NodeJS, Docker

Key benefits

  • Streamlined the data transformation process using serverless architecture
  • Since the build and deployment process was automated, we were able to roll out 2-3 builds per week with no deployment errors
  • Operational costs came down by ~30% through  Spot instances
  • Using AWS ECS (Container Service) also ensured that resource utilization was better
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