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Scaled scrum team for faster time-to-market

Dependency and wait time on other scrum teams was removed


  • Client had multiple scrum teams which required to make simultaneous changes to various jobs that are tied in the same job group
  • When one scrum team checks out their Jobs to make changes the as entire Job group would get locked, and other teams would not be able to work on any parallel development
  • The client needed a solution to eliminate the dependencies between the teams without impacting the dependencies between the jobs


  • We analyzed the Job groups w.r.t to health plan, subject area, scrum team and scheduling frequency and suggested re-grouping possibilities on above aspects
  • Created the additional smart folders and moved the jobs into those folders without altering the dependencies
  • Performed the validations to make sure dependencies (Predecessors and Successors) are not impacted and they are same as before

Tools & Technologies

BMC Control-M, Tidal

Key benefits

  • Client scrum teams are enabled with parallel development
  • Dependency and wait time on other scrum teams (to check-in their changes) was removed
Case Study KeyPoints