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Enrollment applications - ACS Solutions

Scalable Payer Solution for Faster Enrollment & Higher Conversions

Enhancing customer experiences and boosting conversion rates through scalable and engaging payer enrollment platforms


  • The client’s existing system had a complex architecture and did not allow to incorporate new changes easily
  • The current system was facing high application downtime while incorporating the latest changes. Client needed:
    • A portal to automate the offline enrollment application processing and reduce the manual effort
    • Increased accuracy in submitted application data and reduce time in manual corrections post submission of data
    • A channel for broker engagement
    • A portal for members to view policy benefits and place self-service requests


  • Developed an online channel for prospects to submit enrollment applications
  • Built an easy to configure business rule-based architecture
  • Built an administration window to make changes to the pages, fields and validation rules using UI without scripts
  • Implemented mechanisms for real-time validation of member and plan data
  • Built application to view client’s application and policy information. Developed inbuilt highly customizable business reports
  • Implemented features to generate leads and share with prospects
  • Built a secured portal for members with dashboards that showcases plan details. Developed wizards to place self service requests

Tools & Technologies

SQL Server, Spring, Java, IBM DB2, Bootstrap, AP.NET, Angular JS, mongoDB, Apache

Key benefits

  • Improved customer satisfaction and received 157k applications per year which is 56% of total applications through different channels
  • Saved development effort by 400 hrs. on an average to incorporate State DOI, Federal and business changes
  • Reduced downtime of application from 2 hrs. to 10 min
  • Applications from online have a 99% conversion rate to policy. Decrease in number of exceptions creation and saved effort in resolving errors
  • Increased broker engagement levels. The system is actively used by 160K+ producers
  • Increase in new enrollments by agents over 5k
  • Provided 360-degree view for members
  • Decreased operational users’ member request traffic by 40%
Key Benefits for payer enrollment process - ACS Solutions