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Real-time Monitoring and Analysis Solution

Reduced network operation costs for handling VPN connections


  • Traditional data warehousing solution is unable to analyze historical data and present the real-time insights
  • The client wanted a secure and independent data acquisition architecture that can collect, store, and process large amounts of data coming from any kind of device in the power plants


  • Created energy monitoring and operations optimization platform for the client’s 6000+ renewable power plant locations, integrated to 5m+ devices and streaming
  • Developed Lambda architecture to support historical data store and Real-time data acquisition
  • Moved from data acquisition and wind generators to data push by wind generators model

Tools & Technologies

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Azure Service Fabric, SQL, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Service Bus

Key benefits

  • Enabled client to visualize real-time monitoring without accessing the database
  • Replaced expensive servers with IoT hardware
  • Reduced network operation costs for handling VPN connections and No complex setup for data acquisition via VPN
  • Workload for read/write operations was reduced by establishing queues
  • Asynchronous model allows for temporary storage of the data without putting more pressure on the already busy databases
Case Study KeyPoints