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Mobile App to Monitor Patient Health

Capturing and monitoring patient health status with minimal human intervention


  • The client needed a product to monitor/capture patient health status and share with a physician on a real-time basis with minimal human intervention.
  • The client required a secure communication channel between patients and physicians to address acute care.
  • The client requested configuration through which the physician would be able to set specific thresholds for a high-risk patient and monitor them closely.


  • Built a patient app that can connect to an Apple watch/health band to pull relevant medical real-time information.
  • Emotional impedance values were gathered using a galvanic skin response sensor on a wearable along with body temperature readings.
  • Built a physician app to receive patient medical information securely.
  • The new application provides instant notifications via APNS to the physicians about threshold breach and patient connectivity.
  • Built a secure messaging platform with the application for faster communication between patients and physicians.

Tools & Technologies

iOS, MySQL, Java

Key benefits

  • The physician can now set specific thresholds against a patient and monitor them closely.
  • The patient app was built with a factory pattern to incorporate different wearable devices with minimal changes in the code.
  • Middleware was built with generic messaging independent of the wearable device. APNS was used to notify the physician on threshold breach and patient connectivity.
  • Notification when a patient is not connected to any wearable devices and any similar abnormalities.
Key Benefits - Patient Health Monitoring Mobile App