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Migrated 70+ Applications to Azure

Hassle-free management of fluctuating resource needs


  • Migrate a large number of applications to Microsoft Azure
  • Provide a multi-year road map around Cloud Automation, Migration, Governance, and Support
  • Provide other work streams, including building out a support team and support documentation


  • Migrated 70+ applications to Azure
  • Automated 600 resources, including app environments, containers, databases (e.g., SQL, Cosmos) and storage, application environments, networks, keyvaults, backups, and monitoring
  • Scope of work included 2000 IaaS VMs and 2000+ cloud apps
  • Managed fluctuating resource needs
  • Based on the quality of our deliverables, we were asked to provide an assessment of all of the client’s applications for cloud migration.
    Provided 24×7 support

Tools & Technologies

Microsoft Azure

Key benefits

  • Applications successfully migrated to Microsoft Azure
  • Automation improved efficiency and reduced costs
  • Hassle-free management of fluctuating resource needs
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