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Integrated Health Data Platform

Improved business process efficiencies by reducing the on-boarding time for new customers


  • The client had acquired several companies over the year and the healthcare transactional data from all the group companies was stored at multiple locations. This resulted in duplication and data being stored in different formats
  • Gaining a holistic view of the data and building analytical products proved challenging
  • A need was felt for an integrated data platform


  • Designed and developed an enterprise big data platform, embedded with data rights management capabilities
  • This solution was cost-efficient, could scale horizontally/vertically, and maintain the unified data storage standards
  • Built new products by enabling AI & machine learning capabilities

Tools & Technologies

Oracle Database

Key benefits

  • Provided enterprise-class scalability enabling users to work with rapidly growing and increasingly complex data sets
  • Improved business process efficiencies by reducing the onboarding time for new customers. Thereby, improving resource bandwidth to focus on acquiring new ones
  • The integrated platform brought together cross-functional data sets and enabled the client to harness the value from their data assets. This led to improved decision outcomes, valuable insights, and enhanced performance levels
Case Study KeyPoints