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Implemented Single Billing Platform for a Healthcare Technology Company

Accelerated integration of new sources in less than 17 days


  • Automate and integrate the billing business processes across the enterprise into a single billing platform
  • Solution should be reusable for other data sources and microservices
  • Move the embedded business rules from the database to the central application layer


  • Current pre-billing functions was replaced with reusable REST services hosted in AWS cloud and accessible through RESTful APIs with abstract common data format
  • Existing business rules were moved from database to the application layer for new services
  • Adopting the disturbed deployment of API instead of deploying into one Ec2 machine helped increase the performance and reduce the risk of server and JVM crash issues
  • Implemented Drool cache to enhance the drool engine performance by reducing the number of hit to rule engine from API

Tools & Technologies

Java, AWS, REST API, Data format

Key benefits

  • Accelerated integration of new sources in less than 17 days from requirements to go-live
  • Scalable: It running on the cloud, the platform can easily scale as the volume of data and data sources increased
  • Failover mechanism: It gives the API ability to restart the process from the point the processing is dropped due to some exception
  • Reusable: adopting the multi module architecture in API-2 and integrating other source make it reusable while also reducing QA efforts as only the newly added data source needs to be tested
Case Study KeyPoints