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FHIR-compliant Medical Specialties Registry Application

Improving patient satisfaction through FHIR implementation


  • Build a system that would collect and manage aggregated patient information that can be used in practice management and for research
  • Build an FHIR-compliant API that would facilitate the interoperability to search for surgeries performed by respective surgical specialists. It should also qualify for the cohort for each surgery
  • Customize information for each surgery to identify new patient demographics, surgical details, encounters for episode care


  • Extracted patient demographic and clinical information from a centralized data collection system and created medical specialty-based cohorts for surgeries since 2015
  • Utilized HL7 FHIR resources: patient, Practician, Encounter, Diagnostic Report, Medication, Observation, and Episode of Care for each specialty cohort and enabled interoperability
  • Used Hbase for fast recovery of data and ability to maintain a history of resources
  • Implemented elastic search to meet the search requirements on FHIR resources
  • Created role-based authentication and authorization for accessing the cohort information for abstraction
  • Based on surgeons’ documents, they identified and created new observations for complicated surgeries and linked them to the actual surgery

Tools & Technologies

Apache Hbase, HL7 FHIR Foundation, Elasticsearch, Nifi

Key benefits

  • Provided simplified interoperability solution FHIR compliant data registry
  • Improved ratings by providing quality of care and increasing patient satisfaction
  • Fast recovery of data and ability to maintain a history of the resources has improved performance
  • Enabled ease in clinical research by using the registries and cohort
Case Study KeyPoints