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FHIR-Complaint Clinical Registry Platform

Improved productivity of human abstractors deriving from notes


  • The client needed to support clinical practice redesign and improvement programs across dozens of sub-specialties and hundreds of clinical registries
  • The APIs and extensibility of FHIR should enable human enrichment and machine learning over integrated clinical data
  • The solution should speed up the creation of registries and reduce the ongoing costs associated with registry maintenance


  • Integrated EHR and ancillary clinical data with specialty specific elements
  • Enriched data with natural language, rules, and machine learning
  • Provided solution architecture in addition to various other services including healthcare subject expertise, project management, web services development, UI/UX, business intelligence and quality assurance

Tools & Technologies

Hadoop, Apache Hbase, Elasticsearch, Power designer, Spring, Angular JS, Node JS, Redis

Key benefits

  • Improved productivity of human abstractors deriving from notes
  • Practitioners can now define registries using clinical terminology
  • The platform supports specialty-specific analytics
  • Reduced maintenance costs
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