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Enhanced Warehouse Management System

Improved inventory management process & accuracy of shipping


  • The client has a warehouse management system to manage the in-house order fulfillment process
  • They needed to enhance their current system by adding new features and improving the existing features to optimize the order fulfillment process


  • Updated existing features in the current system for desktop, web and mobile versions
  • Implemented features for quickly solving customer queries and monitoring stock levels on a real-time basis
  • Implemented a reporting mechanism to generate relevant order reports
  • Integrated their system with various e-commerce platforms for a smooth order processing

Tools & Technologies

.Net 4.0, Javascript, SQL Server, Vue.JS, JSON, Microsoft IIS, HTML 5, CSS 3

Key benefits

  • Improved order fulfillment process and made it more efficient
  • Improved inventory management process
  • Faster turnaround time for solving queries
  • Decreased shipping time and improved accuracy in shipping process
  • Real-time tracking of stock levels across fulfillment centers
  • Built-in reports to efficiently manage orders
Case Study KeyPoints