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Enhanced Existing UI to Maximize Efficiency of Day-to-day Tasks

Substantial improvement in the user interface resulting in better user experience in terms of visuals and usability


  • Develop a rich UI for all users of the application, that offers better validation messages and cleaner code in the backend
  • Upgrade the current legacy system with a new versioned code and architecture that is configurable and flexible
  • Improve the system’s performance by reducing the response time by using the upgraded  version of UI, and consequently boost operating speed
  • Build a scalable UI system that is capable of auto-scaling and is dynamic
  • Develop an application to create auto-scheduler jobs and support all types of archive files, unlike the existing system
  • Resolve issues with the search feature for jobs created in the app


  • Developed a single UI application with Angular8 which ensures scalability, flexibility, and modularity to meet specific requirements of the client
  • Developed a set of generic Angular components that can be used across current applications while maintaining a single instance
  • Streamlined the layered architecture, by segregating the user interface, business logic, and data unit into different layers
  • Designed responsive UI with better business rule validations that can be used for desktop as well as mobile devices
  • Implemented the new features where existing systems are either failing or unable to perform

Tools & Technologies

Angular, C Sharp

Key benefits

  • Significant reduction in effort and cost required for maintaining the application, as compared to the current scenario where multiple instances are being maintained
  • The new app is auto-scalable system that can scale up or down as needed
  • Improved application performance by reducing response time
  • Substantial improvement in the user interface resulting in better user experience in terms of visuals and usability. For instance, users are now notified with easily understandable business rule validation messages
  • The system is better equipped to handle change requests
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