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Microservices Architecture Enablement Using DevOps

Developers can now easily test & merge code into GitHub, with minimal manual effort


  • Suitable Git architecture for their product and project teams
  • Initiating the release pipeline automatically through Jenkins Jobs
  • Test the code quality and code coverage
  • Create an image whenever the code is successfully built, push the same to Docker Hub/Registry and check the same by starting a Docker container
  • Automate the DB Deployments to the Database Server


  • Streamlined the Git architecture
  • Created a build pipeline that automatically initiates a build when code is merged into the Master branch
  • Integrated SonarQube with Jenkins for code quality and coverage
  • Created a Jenkins job that creates Docker Images after the job is successful, pushes the same to Docker Hub/Registry and starts a Docker container to host the image
  • Automated triggering Robot Framework test cases when the code is committed to GitHub

Tools & Technologies

Oracle, GitHub, Jenkins, Sonarqube, Docker, JFrog

Key benefits

  • Developers can now easily test and merge their code into GitHub account
  • Code is tested for quality and coverage on each build
  • No more manual effort required to maintain and deploy the artifacts
  • Users can easily check the result of the build deployments through notifications
  • Robot Framework test cases are being executed automatically through Jenkins, once a developer checks in his code
Case Study KeyPoints