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Developed Integration Tests in UI Applications

Optimized UI applications through solution to limit calls to the server


  • Support for extending existing front-end and back-end applications to add new features related to managing deals, algorithms and energy plants
  • New applications required by the traders to manage the services and ease the efforts which require manual actions
  • Extend integration tests in the UI applications using Cypress


  • Supported in building new applications, both front-end, and back-end from scratch with functionalities like handling the faulty deals, managing configurations of all services, etc
  • Supported in optimizing the Docker images and reduced its size
  • Developed NPM package for use in all UI applications to limit calls to the server when either server is not available or frontend application is idle
  • Continuous support in extending the functionality to existing applications

Tools & Technologies

Cypress, Docker, AWS, GitLab, Kubernetes, MongoDB, Python, Flak, React, Redux

Key benefits

  • Provided interface and separate service for the features which required manual actions
  • Optimized UI applications through solution to limit calls to the server
  • Reduced size of the Docker image to 7% of the actual image in the environment
  • Continuous bug fixes and feature enhancements in the existing applications
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