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Developed an Event-driven Fulfillment Service with Global Scalability

Seamless addition of new billing or manufacturing system


  • The existing architecture of OCP systems were not robust due to which addition of any new billing or manufacturing systems becomes hard and complicated
  • They client wanted to globalize the production of one of their products. The existing system restricted the scope to add new manufacturing and billing systems for expansion with high maintenance
  • The goal of the project is to ensure the following:
    • Decouple the billing & manufacturing systems
    • High availability
    • Scalability using containerization
    • Low maintenance


  • Built an event driven ‘Fulfillment Service’ to encapsulate functionality for integration with manufacturing and billing systems
  • Decoupled the system replacing fulfillment service, and the implementation is focused in one area leading to business agility
  • Developed dashboard pages for Fulfillment Service Order Status Tracker and Dev viewer to track the orders and statuses

Tools & Technologies

Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Azure, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Cosmos DB

Key benefits

  • Reduced data maintenance effort
  • Reliable and scalable architecture to meet future business needs
  • Reduction in downtime
  • Seamless addition of new billing or manufacturing system
  • Global scalability
Case Study KeyPoints