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Developed a Trailer Tracking Solution using Geofence and Sensors

Increased utilization, predict maintenance schedule and reduced fuel costs for trailers System


  • The client required a reliable and cost-effective trailer tracking solution to be in touch with the trailers in transit or in the yard.
    The client needed:

    • APIs to accept data from different devices like OmniTracks, AT&Ts & Skybitz; process and save it in a database
    • Rest API for storing ATT Trailer Data into Client’s Azure DB
    • Geofence landmarks upload tool to add and update the details of the landmark in database
    • Web app to search and locate trailers using Google Map


  • Implemented an efficient trailer tracking solution which included:
    • Geofence landmarks upload tool
    • WebJob to read the event data from Omnitracs queue & insert into client’s Azure DB
    • Rest API for storing ATT Trailer data into the client’s Azure DB
    • Authorization for Location API
    • SNI Integration soap service to get Event details based on retrieval point and number of records in a response
    • Implemented web app to search trailers’ location and display the same with its Geofence coordinates

Tools & Technologies

Android, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Azure, Azure Web App, Azure Web Jobs

Key benefits

  • Optimized utilization, improved preventive maintenance and reduced fuel costs
  • Two-way communication helps in gaining visibility of the entire fleet
  • Read sensor data and track changes in the fuel levels, detect theft and rapid fuel loss
  • The client now can track the no. of miles driven on a real-time basis and monitor whether a trailer is over-utilized or under-utilized
  • Alert messages when trailer doors open outside set parameters helps improve security
Case Study KeyPoints