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Developed a Tool to Improve Operational Maturity

Self service portal and Configuration management capabilities


  • Move from Jira service desk to a new  tool
  • Process improvements to increase operational maturity
  • Automation around operational self-healing
  • A new platform to expand WFM from all areas of the business, not just IT


  • Developed software that can be used to overcome this problem for following reasons:
    • Is native to the Salesforce platform
    • Provides powerful dashboards and reporting
    • Is easy to configure without requiring scripting/coding or specialized personal

Tools & Technologies

JBoss Fuse, AWS, Salesforce, Oracle

Key benefits

  • Remedyforce has following capabilities:
    • Self Service portal
    • Knowledge Management
    • Incident Management
    • Change Management
    • Dashboard and reporting
    • Configuration Management (CMDB)
Case Study KeyPoints