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Data Warehouse Solution for a Logistics Company

Predicting the arrival (on-time, lead time) of carriers to a location System


  • The client onboards customers frequently and each customer onboarded needs a data extract as well as on-time and lead-time rules setup in their data warehouse. Each extract needed a new package to be written
  • Existing ETL packages needed changes for new requirements or additions for new customers
  • The current DWH processes were outdated and needed process improvements


  • Created views, packages and shell scripts to provide data extracts for customers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis as per the requirements
  • Created packages with on-time and lead-time rules and logic to estimate whether carriers are on time or late to the location
  • Made changes to the existing ETL packages and created new ones wherever required
  • Wrote a generic package which can be used by all extracts to save time and effort

Tools & Technologies

Oracle Database

Key benefits

  • Data extracts are sent to customers without any issues or delays
  • On-time and lead-time counts are made available to BI team for reporting and offer better insights
  • Reduced report generation time owing to removal of redundant logic
  • Improved ETL processes with new package for new ETL requirements
  • Reduced development time for resources as the generic package can be used for all the extracts
Case Study KeyPoints