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Custom Android App to Detect Fake Containers

Easy-to-use application for end-customers that supports a wide range of scanner types to detect fake containers


  • The depots scan each product which enters their premises, fake products/containers aren’t allowed in. However, many customers are involved in the central pool system and the products are rotated amongst them. This leads to higher chances of getting broken/fake containers
  • A considerable number of customers end up with the fake products. At the moment, there are at least 10% of fake products in each delivery made to a depot
  • End-customers would prefer the products to have authentication tags


  • Developed a native mobile Android application through which customers can connect to the scanners and authenticate tags using a Brand Identifier (BI) function
  • In addition to this, the application also includes features to copy, share and delete the scanned EPC codes
  • Developed Customer Scanner API which can be integrated with LINUX based scanners and provide guest login facility to customers
  • Replaced all the existing RFID tags authenticated via an IBM server with new tag5 (UCODE 8m) which has a new authentication method Brand Identifier (BI)
  • UCODE 8m tags are highly secure and difficult to duplicate

Tools & Technologies

Kofax, AP.NET Web API

Key benefits

  • Customers can scan the tags and authenticate them themselves before receiving the products which adds credibility to company’s products
  • Customers can choose from a range of scanner types based on their requirements
  • Customers can integrate the Customer Scanner API with their LINUX based scanners
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