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Cloud Migration Services to Improve Reliability and Availability of Services

Migration of 100+ applications with a cost savings of 30% with cloud computing


  • Migrate a large set of applications to the cloud where cost was a major factor
  • Leverage application that relied on a SOA layer. Migration of one meant potentially affecting other applications
  • Multiple dependencies with applications so potential migrations could affect multiple business units
  • Customer maintained their own servers and networks, with dedicated servers for each application and database that required a considerable outlay in hardware costs
  • Reduce hardware costs and leverage a low-cost solution with high availability
  • Better failover design to improve reliability and availability of the services and a seamless migration path with minimal impact to the users


  • Built a solution with a focus on managing costs and minimizing disruption of the sales network applications
  • Current Oracle-based application structure meant we could leverage Oracle Cloud services for a seamless transition with supporting tools for migration and licensing discounts to manage duplication of environments for our migration patterns
  • Hybrid approach meant we would use Kubernetes to contain the application and services layers with extreme portability so that they were not locked into a vendor or VM for Cloud services
  • Accelerators such as the Data Fabric were used to integrate applications with shared data to quickly ingest and run in parallel to validate the migration for testing

Tools & Technologies

Oracle Cloud Services, Kubernetes

Key benefits

  • Migration of 100+ applications with a cost savings of 30% with cloud computing, 51% in storage costs and 20% in relational database needs
  • Our ability to integrate and leverage in-house accelerators reduced the migration timeline by 33%, whilst combining application backends reduced licensing
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