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Cloud Migration/DevOps and Managed Services

Complete one-touch deployment of the entire application stack’s ecosystem


  • Strong need to transform a complex, legacy on-premise application (built completely on the Microsoft stack) to the cloud that would leverage native cloud capabilities to reduce overall cost and improve manageability
  • The overall application environment was becoming increasingly brittle to deploy and to manage the configuration due to the array of interrelated component services
  • Strong desire to modernize to DevOps practices and tools, but the team was inexperienced and unfamiliar with the concepts


  • CI/CD/Monitoring – Complete automated solution where all the entire environment is expressed as Infrastructure‑as‑code
  • Compliance – All services are provisioned and configured automatically via Configuration Management
  • Automation – All code and configurations are deployed in an automated manner
  • Drift management – Configuration data for all resources is consolidated into a single database for easy management and maintenance

Tools & Technologies


Key benefits

  • Complete one-touch deployment of the entire application stack’s ecosystem
  • Full resource provisioning (through Infrastructure-as-Code) with security primitives as well as resiliency and scaling functionality
  • Automated deployment of application components (code, libraries, related services)
  • Comprehensive, automated configuration management of the entire application ecosystem
  • Fully integrated into their nascent CI/CD pipeline
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