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CI/CD Workflow Implementation with Monitoring Stack

Reduced CI flow, reduced the build, test process time from hours to minutes


  • Client wanted us to:
    • Set up the CI/CD pipelines for new microservices
    • Migrate Docker containers to the container orchestration platform
    • Migrate legacy version of tools to latest version (Jenkins, Nexus, Tomcat, Redis)
    • Setup private docker registry for storing Docker images in place of Docker Hub
    • Support Production deployments on weekends
    • Improve the application and CI/CD failure notifications


  • Developed Ansible Playbooks to deploy the microservices as containers
  • Designed OpenShift cluster for multiple environments and automated the Deployments from Bamboo
  • Suggested Image Stream in OpenShift to roll out the deployment without downtime
  • Private Docker Registry has been set up for storing and securing Docker images in private networks
  • Implemented EFK logging system- monitoring setup
  • Custom Email Notifications are defined for all events in Jenkins Pipeline and Bamboo Plans

Tools & Technologies

GitHub, Jenkins, Docker, Jira Software, Opsgenie, Apache, New Relic, Bitbucket, Red Hat OPENSHIFT

Key benefits

  • Automated Jenkins CI flow, reduced the build, test process time (from hours to minutes)
  • Maintaining private Docker Registry instead of a Docker Hub (Enterprise) reduced costs by 50%
  • With OpenShift dashboard leads/managers can easily identify the current state of deployment
  • With EFK logging system client can perform a cost-free analysis of each application log
  • With OpenShift rollout deployments, client is able to deploy the latest version without downtime
Case Study KeyPoints