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Built an Order Management Application with Real-time Orders Tracking

Reduced Order fallout/failures from 65% to 6%


  • Order inaccuracy was leading to customer dissatisfaction and churn
  • The call center and field service call support for inaccurate orders increased operational expenses significantly


  • Implementation of a next generation order management application across both commercial and residential customers and all services lines – Data, Wireless, Voice, And Cable
  • Leveraged a ‘Buy Flow Controller’ application to reduce the complexity of the integrations with multiple systems of record and data sources, including numerous legacy billing systems
  • Eliminated manual processing of provisioning integration, ancillary services, and systems

Tools & Technologies


Key benefits

  • The Order Management application significantly reduced costs associated with all orders placed in the very first 12 months of implementation
  • Call center costs reduced by 96 Million Dollars in the first 12 months
  • Customer churn and dissatisfaction were dramatically reduced
  • Improved efficiency and timeliness
  • Improvement in the efficiency of order completion was valued at $139.6 Million in the first 12 months (distinct from call center savings)
  • The new system provided full, real-time, visibility of all orders
Case Study KeyPoints