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Big-data Approach to Real-time and Visual Analytics

Enhanced clinical decision-making using Big Data and Visual Analytics with real-world evidence


  • Client wanted to a big data based solution for real time and visual analytics
  • Client wanted us to explore what-if scenarios, and to collect evidence-based cohorts for future statistical validation and pattern mining


  • Developed a scalable search engine to support >1 billion facts and >1 thousand properties with an up-to-data dataset in real time
  • This cloud-based system expands on past experiences approach used by healthcare providers to formulate course of action for a patient
  • Alignment of cohort histories to landmark events (e.g., time of surgery, admission date)
  • Implemented GUI to compare patient to similar patients and explore “what-if” scenarios
  • HIPAA-compliant security

Tools & Technologies

Elasticsearch, Node JS, SQL Server, HL7 FHIR Foundation, JavaScript

Key benefits

  • Client can now take quick clinical decisions with real world evidence across numerous “patient like mine”
  • Big-data techniques enable the provider to recall easily all similar patients from the electronic medical record (EMR) repository
  • Improved user experience and care
Case Study KeyPoints