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Automation for a Leading Grid Analytics Provider

Streamlined deployment process and eliminated system inconsistencies


  • Client’s deployment process was not streamlined and included different processes for deployment on cloud and on premise
  • The artifacts management was not proper which affected the deployments
  • Jobs maintained in Jenkins were different for different environments
  • Real-time monitoring of the servers was a major challenge


  • Streamlined the deployment process by maintaining a single process which would do deployments on both cloud and on premise
  • Introduced J Frog Artifactory to store the artifacts and make deployments easier by pulling the required version of artifact
  • Introduced Debian packages so that the end-user can deploy the artifacts without having knowledge on the toolset used
  • Used Nagios in order to monitor the servers which would trigger e-mail alerts when the server reaches its configured thresholds

Tools & Technologies

Jenkins, Jfrog Artifactory, MySQL, AWS, Nagios, Red Hat Ansible

Key benefits

  • Time to deploy is reduced by 60%
  • 0% error rate and no wrong builds going in to production
  • Streamlined deployment process and eliminated system inconsistencies
  • Artifacts are versioned so that only correct version is deployed to the required environments and deployment errors were minimized
  • Deployments for end-users became much easier with Debian packages
  • Monitoring of servers became easier and saved huge amount of manual effort
Case Study KeyPoints