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Automated outbound warehouse pick-up and shipment confirmation

Increased Warehouse Pick-ups by 900%


  • Develop an integration solution between the warehouse management system (WMS) and SAP ByDesign
  • Automate sales order outbound warehouse pick-ups and shipment confirmation
  • Automate inventory count cycle count integration and inbound logistics


  • The solution comprised of developing adapter schedulers that run approximately every minute to read sales order, create a pick task and confirm pick for SAP outbound delivery
    • Adapter Integrates ByDesign to WMS – Performs mapping and logic to generate Pick Task creation in 3rd Party Solution defined interface tables
    • PickPro ( 3rd Party WMS Solution) – Performs all warehouse tasks. Has an established SQL Based Interface solution for integration
    • SAP ByDesignNormal ByD processing is followed from Order to Outbound Delivery using the simple logistics model of creation of WH tasks

Tools & Technologies

SAP By Design, PickPro WMS System

Key benefits

  • Integrating SAP ByDesign with Pickpro helped to increase outbound pick-ups by 900%
  • Integration allowed to shift from paper pick-tickets for wholesale to pick-to-scan, thereby increasing throughput by 500%
  • Integration allowed induction of all materials into Pickpro so that products can be managed down to each individual location, which in turn improved inventory accuracy by 15-20%
  • The integration between the systems allows the customer to fully utilize all available the functionalities of their WMS, which wasn’t possible before
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