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SaaS solution for Government customers and Departments

A SAAS Platform for Govt. Departments

Made generation of on-demand reports and scheduled reports easy


The client needed:

  • A reporting system for demand and schedule reports
  • Exchange Request Portal – share service requests across the departments
  • Attachments module (files/folders) – upload folders and files similar to Google drive
  • Redis Cache – cache all the flatulently used data items
  • Application maintenance


  • Developed a revamped UI for the existing reports module using knockout.JS and MVC
  • Developed an extension to the CRM module where requests can be shared between different departments using the modules
  • Developed a folder-based file display architecture similar to Google Drive using VueJS and DevExtreme
  • Researched on Redis Cache from Azure and implemented a generic caching architecture that stores data from different modules in different Redis databases

Tools & Technologies

ASP.NET, Knockout, SQL Server, Solr, Redis

Key benefits

  • Improved application performance
  • Generating on-demand reports and scheduled reports made easy
  • Sharing service requests across departments made easy
  • Uploading a large number of files/folders made it easy for the customer
Key Benefits of SAAS Platform for Govt. Departments